Our next scheduled launch and NRC event will be on 22 June in Acton.

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hudson cub scout pack 3104 20240513 1754499751      It was another very cloudy and windy day with the wind blowing toward the trees for most of the day. But that didn't hinder either the attendance or the flying. Cars were parked all along the field on School Street. I have never seen that before! There were two scout troops, Pack 3104 and Pack 39 but that was only part of it. There were a lot of people and flights. 243 to be exact and that with shutting down the launch at 3:00 due to the wind and lack of flyers by that time. The motors ranged from MicroMaxx to G80. We had three competition flights; all by Stephen Maire. I'm sure the strong wind had something to do with the low number of competition flights. But we can't have Stephen carry the load for all of the competition flights! We need more people competing at the next launch. I counted four CATO's (fortunately none were mine this time). There were no motor vendors but pack 3104 20240530 1103355122happily Happy Chutes was! We saw the return of the Mandalorian and if I remember correctly, it had somewhat of a hard landing. Bruce Strong flew is Demistasinator and very diminutive Deuces Wild. The highlight of the day though was a 7-way Mega Mosquito Drag Race. All went up but unfortunately we didn't get all of them back.

      Thanks to Kenn, Guy, Bruce, Matt, Linda, Harry, Joe Robertson, and everyone else who helped out with food, set up and take down. Pictures are in the Gallery. Please post yours. 

      Our next launch is June 22 in Acton. Let's hope for less wind!