We had a meeting with the Amesbury Fire Department and National Grid today. National Grid is concerned about the rockets that have landed on the high-tension transmission wires over the past few years, most recently, at the Fliskits Anniversary launch. These lines come directly from the Seabrook Station and go to a blending station in Dracut. They carry over 400 kv of potential and can be shorted by something as small as a kite string, we are told.

NG is not looking to shut us down as long as we can ensure we don't drop any more rockets on these lines along the western edge of the farm field. To that end, we have agreed with them and the AFD that we will move our entire launch set up to the east to give a larger buffer to the wires. To accomplish this, HP pad C will be located where B is normally placed. We will also group pads A and B with C in that general area.

The LP and MP pad circle will also be moved from the top of the hill to a flat area more in line with the HP pads. Due to the reduced separation we will have, for now, we will limit our maximum impulse to simple J motors.

If the wind is blowing from the eastern quadrant toward the wires, we will need to suspend all operations. Fortunately, the forecast is for winds from the west and northwest this weekend. We need to make sure all launch rods and rails are pointed straight up or away from the spectators, housing and wires. Please do what you can to make sure you're doing this with each of your launches and help anyone who may not be familiar with our pads' adjustability.