We Need You! Please sign up to for any of the following launch duties.

Volunteers are needed at every event and training is provided. Its easy and fun to help CMASS run a launch. Please volunteer an hour of your time a couple times a year to keep the rockets flying.


  • Enter your name in place of your_name_here.
  • Don't forget to click Submit at the bottom of the page when you are done.

Launch Duty Positions:

  • Food Service - Chef - Cook hot dogs, sell food, drinks and snacks.
  • LCO (Launch Control Officer) - Be the one who pushes the "Launch" button ! (Must be NAR Senior Member)
  • RSO (Range Safety Officer) - Examine rockets for flight worthiness and assign them to a launch pad. (Must be NAR Senior Member - Level Certification a plus)
  • Shuttle Vehicle - If you have a four-door vehicle or minivan you can help out by letting others and/or youself take shifts using it (see below).
  • Shuttle Driver - Give people a ride from the parking area to the launch site. Drive the CMASS Shuttle for one hour between 10AM to 5PM. Vehicle provided (see above) - Automatic transmission, any NAR member with a licence can drive.

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