CMASS is the major focal point in New England for people whose common bond is an interest in building and flying model rockets. Rocketry is a safe, educational and enjoyable hobby that has been around since the mid 1950's. We have members as young as 5 and as old as you can get.

Our rockets vary from those common consumer model rocket kits you might buy at a toy store, to high power rockets which require skill and certification to build and fly. Our launches are (almost) always open to the public as both spectators and flyers. Most of our launches have a fee to cover field use expenses.

The CMASS Charter can be found here: CMASS Charter, and the Bylaws can be found here: CMASS Bylaws.

What is Here

These web pages contain rocketery and other related resources for use by members of our club and other interested people. Upcoming events can be found on the calendar. Part of the forum section is open to everyone. The rest is available to members only.

Here is a copy of our: Club Brochure (PDF Format)

Who We Are

A listing of the club's officers, other contacts, and our address is available.

Becoming a Member

If you are interested on becoming a member of CMASS, you first need to create a User Account on the CMASS website by clicking on the "Sign Up" link in the Login Panel on the right or clicking the "Login" Button on the top menu and then the "Sign Up" link there. There is no charge for just registering on the website.

After registering and then logging in, you can click on the "Membership" Dropdown in the TOP MENU and then select your "Profile". Below your profile you shoud see a "Membership" Tab where you can become a CMASS Member and purchase a Season Pass. 

You can also print out and send in a membership form. Existing members can also use this form to renew their membership.

NOTE: (If you are a member and cannot access the members only forum please check your User Profile to see if your information is up to date.)