If you’ve never been to a CMASS launch before there are a few basic things you should know that will make the event enjoyable and safe for you and everyone else.

The Range Safety Officer (the person at the safety check table) and the Launch Control Officer (the person who pushes the button) are the ultimate authority on the range. Their job is to make sure the launch is conducted safely. It is essential that you do what they say.

The area inside the circle of pads is covered with wires. Please do not walk in there unless the LCO gives you permission.

If you hear “heads up” it means something is coming out of the sky in an unsafe manner. Pay attention and, if you see the object in question, point to it so others will be aware.

Do not pick up someone else's rocket. There are some obvious exceptions to this rule. If the rocket is in the middle of the road or you’ve found it in some difficult to access place retrieving it will be appreciated.

Please bring your children to the launch. They are the future of the hobby and we want them there. But please make them understand they are there to watch and participate in a rocket launch. They are not there to play soccer, or football, or tag, or Frisbee, or Nerf arrows, or chase-the-dog.

Our continued use of the fields we fly on depends on keeping good relations with the neighbors. That means asking permission to enter someone’s yard to retrieve your rocket, giving the pedestrians and dog walkers the right of way on the road, and following the parking rules.