Our next launch will be our Winter Follies in Acton on 22 January. We invite any TARC teams to join us for practice or qualifying flights.

 The initial 2022 schedule for the Winter Follies and TARC launches has been posted here

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We'll still need to have you read the COVID-19 restrictions
and bring the signed form to the launch.

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Check GO/NO GO status call or text our Launch Hotline, 857-24-CMASS (857-242-6277) after 7 AM the day of scheduled launch.

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three bandits 20200515 1379321886With apologies to the Cohen brothers. The Bandit Rocketeers pulled off another launch last Thursday - and it was another great day for launching at Woodsom Farm - sunny, temps in the 60's with slight winds blowing toward the parking area. There were two launch pads with controllers this time as Guyf with multiple d pods 20200518 1107678919 brought his. A rough estimate of about 20 launches again with motors ranging from 13 mm to an F50-6T. Only a couple of maiden flights this time. Mine were the Hydra VII, on three C6-5's, and a modified clone of the US Rockets 'F with Multiple D Pods' (not the best name for a rocket) on four C11-7's and one E16-6. No lost rockets this time and one minor damage. Pictures are in the Gallery appended to the Bandit launch folder.